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Say goodbye to clunky forums, zoned out lectures, redundant emails, and struggling learners hidden in plain sight.

About uniMate

uniMate is an innovative educational platform that revolutionises the way students learn and educators teach. It provides a community-first learning experience, combining interactive features, collaborative tools, and evidence-informed learning design. uniMate empowers students to reach their full potential and enables educators to create dynamic and personalised learning environments.

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Engaging, Collaborative, Streamlined, Personalized, Mobile-Friendly.

Interactive Discussions

Engage in real-time, chat-based discussions with students and educators for interactive learning and collaboration.

Assignment Management

Create, distribute, and grade assignments within the platform for streamlined assessment and feedback.

Multimedia Content Sharing

Easily share course materials, lecture notes, and multimedia resources to support the learning process.

Personalised Learning Spaces

Customize learning spaces for each course, organizing content and discussions based on specific needs.

Integration with Learning Tools

Seamlessly integrate with external learning tools to enhance the learning experience and access additional resources.

Notifications and Announcements

Stay informed with real-time notifications about course updates, deadlines, and important announcements.

Meaningful engagement

before, during, and after class

It’s a fact: deeper engagement leads to better student outcomes. Easily embed high-engagement practices throughout your course to boost student engagement during synchronous and asynchronous learning times.

Learning community
Extend engagement outside of class, streamline course communications, and be present – even when you’re not – with community messaging and scheduled posts.
Assessment and feedback
Get quick insight into students’ comprehension so you can address problems early, and save time while providing rich, contextualised feedback through grading automation and voice/video notes.
Engagement insights
Quickly see which students are engaged and which are not so you can take timely action to support students’ success directly from UniMate.

A pedagogy of high-engagement practices

UniMate makes it easy for you to integrate high-engagement practices (active learning, collaboration, feedback, and teacher presence) into your personal pedagogy so you can efficiently and effectively optimize student engagement in your classes.

Meaningful engagement inside the LMS

Integrating UniMate with your LMS takes less than 10 minutes and enables students to easily move between their course materials, learning community, and live sessions. And, unlike other apps that remain LTI 1.1 compatible, UniMate is LTI 1.3 compatible which means a more seamless experience for you and your students.


Learning Environment


Learning Experience


Academic Performance


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Fill the community gap left by your Learning Management System by integrating uniMate with the LMS.

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